Heading West & Moving On
A Story of American Emigration
Eads-Tipton Family History and Genealogy


Mary Linda Miller


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  • Publisher: Mary Linda Miller (August 07, 2013)
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Product Description

With ancestral surnames that date to the first millennium A.D. in England and the Colonial era in the U.S.A., these Eads and Tipton families have been emigrating from the earliest times. Their tales of travel include a heroic knight in a Welsh forest, a kidnapped boy sold into servitude who became a plantation owner in Jamaica, farmers who emigrated from Maryland and North Carolina west to Ohio and Tennessee, and homesteaders in Illinois and Missouri with land grants from the government. Biographies of fifteen turn-of-the-century babies (born around 1900) and four Tipton siblings (born in the early 20th century just before the Great Depression) complete this saga of American life as it unfolded over the centuries.

Photographs, maps, documents, and a Proper Name Index will aid the genealogical researcher in finding their own roots. Also included are Ancestors and Descendants charts with numerous surnames, including: Allen, Atnip, Barker, Barrett, Bennett, Bishop, Campbell, Canning, Chiles, Coffel, Collins, Croney, Dees, Eads, Gentry, Hache, Harden, Heath, Johnson, Jones, Leach, London, Long, Machen, Masters, Meador, Miller, Montgomery, Neece, Rainwater, Smith, Sutton, Tipton, Vannoy, Ward, White, Wright, and many others.

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